• Adaptive Virtual Snowboarding

    A clinically proven, specially adapted snowboard used in conjunction with a Nintendo Wii™ console which improves a patient’s static and dynamic balance, as well as being an enjoyable therapeutic activity.

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    The use of balance or wobble boards is now widespread by physiotherapists for the development of motor-strength and co-ordination skills. When these devices are coupled with interactive video gaming systems the exercise becomes more interesting, competitive and enjoyable; maintaining a patient’s motivation and adherence to the treatment regime.

    The Adaptive Virtual Snowboard (AVS) interfaces directly to a Nintendo Wii™ console.
  • Putting enjoyment and enthusiasm

    into rehabilitation training

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    The Adaptive Virtual Snowboard (AVS) provides a state of the art balance board which will interface directly to a Nintendo Wii™ console and enable interaction with many low-cost immersive commercial video games such as:

    Developed in conjunction with physiotherapists from Swansea (UK) and New York(USA) the board is clinically proven to improve patient’s rehabilitation both due to the degree of exercising it demands, and by the enthusiasm it recieved from participants.

    The inclusion of foot bindings allows a rider to more closely simulate a real snowboarding environment and heightens the physical demands for correct postural stability and control.

  • Improving dynamic balance and

    patient participation

    The AVS is a specially produced vacuum formed snowboard with a contoured underside which allows for a degree of movement that a rider’s lower extremities would need to traverse to skilfully participate in board sports.

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